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Dunn County Economic Development Corporation

Our goal is to promote economic growth and stability in Dunn County by assisting you as you locate a commercial or industrial building, build a commercial or industrial building, expand your company, or start a new business. We work in cooperation with local and regional entities to facilitate economic stability, growth, and diversity.


The Dunn County Economic Development Corporation (DCEDC) is a private nonprofit corporation that was formed for the sole and exclusive purpose of promoting, encouraging,and supporting positive economic development and growth for all of Dunn County and for the Western Wisconsin region. Its office is
located in the City of Menomonie Building and it is open to every business and individual in Dunn County. The DCEDC works aggressively to promote the West Wisconsin Region and Dunn County and to attract new business and industry to this part of the state. The DCEDC does this by working with site developers and consultants and actively pursuing virtually every positive economic and industry lead. The DCEDC works closely with local governments and the State of Wisconsin as well as the Wisconsin Economic Development
Corporation, to secure support for local businesses that are expanding and new businesses that we have encouraged to locate here.

The DCEDC also works very closely with existing businesses and startup ventures to provide whatever guidance and planning they may need. Additionally, the DCEDC provides information on any local, state or
federal program that may be available or valuable to them.


Business Planning

  • Business Plan Consulting

Economic and Site Development

  • Economic Development
  • Site Location Assistance
  • Tax Credits
Primary ContactStacy H. Wigfield
Address800 Wilson Avenue
Suite 219
Menomonie, WI 54725
Phone(715) 232-4009